Why its important to care for your Mental Health?

When one talks about mental health, it does not just cover the psychological condition. Psychological wellbeing, coupled with emotional and social wellbeing, impacts how we behave and handle our day to day life. 

Emotional sanity and mental balance together play a vital role in the way we perceive and handle our thoughts and actions. The overall functionality of an individual and their day to day productivity, begins with a stable mind. Be it productivity and effectiveness in work, home, school or relationships. Mental wellness, paves a way for one to adapt to the change’s life brings out way and it becomes an important tool to cope with adversity. 

For years, people sit back and assume they need to deal with everything by themselves! One would assume, that their problems are for them to deal with and letting someone know about their current state of mind or emotional turmoil would be the worst possible thing to do. The most common mental ailments like Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks to name a few convinces the individual that they are worthless to people around them and to themselves. They tend to question themselves with, “Who am I to inflict myself and my sorrows on others?” 

Some find it very difficult to ask for help. To reach out and say “I need help. I am weak!” Why? Because admitting weakness often leads towards loosing respect amongst your peers, family and friends! This stigma and fear or being looked down upon, often leads a person into building an invisible wall around themselves. A wall that by the day grows thicker and taller. 

Ignorance is bliss some say! No! it is not! Ignorance is never a bliss! Remaining ignorant towards yourself and your inner peace of mind is never a bliss! It creates a whirlpool of thoughts that makes you fear everything around you! 

Fear of rejection! Fear of being judged! Fear of being looked down upon! Fear of not being understood! Fear of letting your near and dear ones down! Fear is now fast becoming a culture! 

When one falls sick physically, it is seen. Someone quickly reaches out to you to tell you that you need to visit a doctor. However, when one suffers with a mental ailment or emotional imbalance, it remains invisible! We scuffle in silence! We start to build these mechanisms to cope with it. Not all these mechanisms are safe or healthy! There is a breaking point that one would reach at some point and that is when people notice! That is when it starts to get scary! That is the point at which you get up and say, “Enough! I need to have this treated!” Even then, we try to remain very quiet about it. We reach out for help on the sly, like it was a criminal offence.

Disorders of the mind is as common as a headache or a cold!  One should learn to talk about it. Be open and say “Hey I think I am depressed! I need to talk!” It is important to reach out and let people in. It can be frightening. Agreed! But believe me. The moment you have done that, it feels like you have a burden off your chest! 

Many at times, talking to some one who is not related to you in anyway is easier. A professional who understands that you need to be given the space to talk and let things out can take you a long way! Mental ailments or emotional weakness, occurs mostly due to self-doubt, inferiority complex, experiences from your childhood that you are not able to forget, grievances that you refuse to let go off, a skeleton from your cupboard of dark secrets or just simple confusions that you are not able to clear out. 

Accepting you need help is the first step. If you are struggling, you are not along! There is help at a click of a button! There is help round the corner. You just need to turn around and take the first step up the flight! If you know someone who needs help, tell them they are not alone! A simple text message would be enough! By talking about mental conditions on a regular basis, we can push this aura of false and wrong notions and understanding that grows like plague. We as a society have been able to debunk many myths that surround us! So why not take a step forward to let people know that talking about mental illness and being aware of it is acceptable?