A Few Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Once you sign up, a certified and licenses personal therapist or counselor will be assigned to you and they will walk along with you from the beginning of the therapy to the end. If you wish to change your partner, you can just send an email to changemytherapist@meetmytherapist.com

This depends on your current situation and state of mind. We strongly recommend that you continue the session for a period of two months at-least, to process the change that you will witness. Few of our clients just need guidance from the program and therapist for a few weeks to get back on the right track. There have been others, who have had to undergo an ongoing therapeutic session and have stayed with us for a year.

Yes! We try our best to assign someone from your time zone. The team, remains accessible 24/7 for your assistance and at times, when you feel like there is a need to touch base with us immediately, we are always around to assist you.

You save on money and time! Online therapy sessions are far more economical than regular in-office face to face session. Additionally, there is no need for you to travel long hours to meet your therapist. You can stay well within your comfort zone and get treated no matter where are you are.

Yes! It’s a proven fact that online therapy works just as good as in-office sessions.

You don’t have to wait at all. The minute you sign up, you will get to speak to one of our certified evaluators, who will then schedule your session with an appropriate therapist or counselor based on your condition.

This is subjective to needs and preferences. The most common is a 60 mins session. However, we have had clients, who have spent more than one hour per day or per session.

Based on proven and well-researched treatments, online therapy has long prevailed in the world of therapeutic assessment and counselling for mental and emotional well-being. Our experts are all certified, trained and licensed to help you overcome your difficulties and meet your objectives. Team MMT is here to offer much more than just a chat service. You can remain in touch you’re your therapist over emails and chats in-between your face to face online therapy session. We provide a structured approach and proven tools that take care of your daily routine and an activity plan for your as a part of your journal. 

Your identity remains confidential. You do not have to expose yourself by waiting long hours in a therapist’s office, which some people find very overwhelming, unpleasant and uncomfortable.

No! We practice a MedFree approach and take the CBT route for healing and well-being.

Emails, video calls, phone calls and chats. 

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Write to us at information@meetmytherapist.com